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PREMIER at Studio des Ursulines

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Les eaux cachées à TEDxRabat

Réalisateur Joe Lukawski présente son travail documentaire sur ‘Les eaux cachées’ de Fès, Maroc lors de la conférence TEDxRabat à la Bibliothèque National du Royaume du Maroc, Novembre 2012.

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We do not make this film in vain…

When Moulay Idriss founded Fez in 798, he famously stated that he “does not build this city in vain, but for the glorification of God.” After a timely arrival in Fez for pre-production research – applying for numerous permits and connecting with my new neighbors – I found this quote fitting for the production of “les eaux cachées.” It is a bit of local wisdom to guide our production, to make a promise to the people of Fez who will surely be more important to the film than our crew.

So far, we’ve come across a few contacts who will be helpful in the pre-production, including the man responsable for Fez’s current water system overhaul. Talks with the local university’s professor of documentary film for masters students as well as the Fondation Esprit de Fes are in the works. For the moment, however, walking the streets of Fez at night, hearing water running below a labyrinthe of streets, as well as dealing with the water in the house I’m renting with are good introductions.

This blog will follow our progress, offer glimpses into the research and production behind the film, and hopefully follow its successful entry into the documentarosphere, inshallah.

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